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Writer’s Hours


Ok, After a year of working on getting my book proposal done, I have written off and on, taken classes and workshops and decided yesterday that I needed to treat my writing like a "real job" if I was going to finish my book. I found the cutest coffee shop that I feel like writing in! I am showing up every day at 6:00 am and sitting in my cozy leather chair, having a cappuccino and writing until my next appt. of the day. Someday's it will be one hour and some days it will be three but I am taking this seriously from this day forward! I invite anyone who needs to commit to "Writer's Hour's" to join me by searching out their perfect place to write and finish what they are working on!

-Jeanne Provost


Walking into a whole new arena of life can be overwhelming at times. I am working with a few people on the East Coast on my book. One is a designer who is going to design my book cover and the web page where people go to purchase my book. She told me to purchase my domain name, but since my book isn't finished yet, it feels as though I'm jumping the gun a bit.  

As I was directed to do, I set out to get my name, www.jeanneprovost.com. I went to GoDaddy to purchase my domain name, and lo and behold, someone already had my name. The women who had purchased it was from Canada, but she wasn't using the domain. I spoke to my designer I'm working with about my dilemma. She directed me to contact the woman in Canada, and ask if I can purchase the domain from her.

I was able to get her number and email, so I wrote her an email. She wrote back, saying she had purchased it for her daughter, and was giving it to her on her 18th birthday. I offered her money, but she declined saying “we all by our children their domain name for their 18th birthday; it was how they did things up here.” Disappointed, I purchased my name with my middle initial, but that is not what my designer wanted. She asked me to try one last time. So I emailed the woman in Canada again and offered her a painting or a piece of fine art photography along with the money. If she is still unwilling, I will have to use my blog web address, and then all my branding has to be changed, and my blog will be attached to my author purchasing page.  

Even though I have to change my direction with all this, I had a nice surprise.  This new “Provost” from Canada is my relative. She has a whole family tree of my ancestry on a website. I loved this! So, if anything, I'm happy I found a long, lost cousin!

My other big change is they want me to turn my “three” books into “one,” so I have to come up with a new title and I have to rethink some of my chapters. Again, just a change, but a bit unnerving as change can be.  Again, I just keep thinking how thankful I am to be making these changes now and not a year from now. 


So, here it goes, I’m going to start writing my book.  I am following the “new authors” protocol.  I have all my social media set up including facebook, twitter, linked-in and now my blog.  I am building my platform in order to build an audience for my book when it's finished.   First l need to write my book proposal; giving me a nice path to follow as I write.  I am halfway through reading my journals, and have a pretty clear idea what I’m going to write.

As I ask myself why I am really doing this, I know deep inside I am suppose to share this with the world.  I’ve had this desire for years, and even though the little handbook I was going to write has turned into a “trilogy” and feels way more challenging, my desire is still strong.

Is this scary? YES!  I have the same feeling that I had my when I was pregnant with my first baby; scared and excited at the same time!  So I’m jumping on the bandwagon; I feel a bit anxious, but I think that’s normal.   I invite you to come along with me on my journey of “birthing” my first book…I look forward to hearing from you and learning and growing along the way.  Thank you!  -Jeanne